Clikdaq provides data, analytics and marketing services to International clients. Clikdaq supports its client’s operational needs using cutting edge software and the latest data, analysis and advertising techniques.




Our team of analysts use advanced systems to crunch millions of rows of data each day to provide valuable business insights to our clients that inform their business decisions and drive growth.

Performance Marketing

Our clients need to find the most valuable customers at the lowest price. And they need lots of them. Our digital marketing expertise enables them to stay ahead of the competition and drive maximum efficiency from their marketing. 


We provide a range of bespoke data reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis that give our clients the information they require in formats that are easy to use and understand.

Campaign Management

We help our clients manage campaigns across a variety of digital channels, including Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, email, affiliate and online display.




Our mission is for Clikdaq Clikdaq the leading digital marketing company within Macedonia. We can only meet this goal if we have the best people performing to the best of their abilities making the best team. It’s our job to enable you to be a part of that. That’s why we offer competitive salaries, training and development programmes designed on an individual level and access to the most cutting edge tools and techniques in the digital arena.

Do you want to be a part of that? 



Clikdaq is always on the lookout for talented people who can help us excel in all departments. Follow us on social media and be the first to know about any available vacancies.

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1. We Are Here To Win

• We are playing a highly competitive game

• Hitting our targets means we win

• Make a difference and care about the result

• Make energy and enthusiasm

• Get excited when we do well & help put it right when we dont

3. Embrace Processes & Make Them Better

• We are process-driven

• We operate in a highly regulated market

• Failing leads to severe punishments

• We can easily lose money to customers

• We hire inexperienced people

• Great processes protect you and the business

• Great processes make us efficient and help us win

• If they're not working, say so. You can make processes better

5. Be Accountable & Take Responsibility

• Your own performance drives the team

• It's your responsibility to do your job well

• If you don't, somebody else has to cover you

• If nobody does, we lose

• Be prepared to be challenged and welcome it

• Challenge others but accept they may be right

• Propose solutions, don't just identify problems

2. Play As a Team

• We are one team

• Our competitors are out there, not in here

• My colleague's success is my success

• I let my teammates down if I don't pull my weight

• If my colleagues need help, I give it to them

• The faster I get things done, the more we win

• The higher the quality of my work, the more we win

4. Make Decisions & Solve Problems Based on Data

Without data you're just a person with an opinion

To have an idea acted on, back it up with data

Using data means fewer mistakes

Using data means better results

The data doesn't lie

Data doesn't have an ego

Data doesn't take it personally if  they are wrong

When you try something based on data...

• ...It's not your fault if it doesn't work

6. Test & learn, Make Mistakes, Optimise

• We love controlled experiments

• This is how we solve problems

• It's how we innovate, learn and change

• Experiments, by definition, don't have to work

• If we fail, we fail fast and move on

• Good controls make the failure manageable

• Outline the risk that are out of bounds

• Place lots of small bets, not one big one

• Doing this means we have lots of wins

7. Respect, Understand & Help Each Other

• We are teammates

• Help your teammates if you can

• Take the time to teach people when they need it

• Put the effort into learning when being taught

• Don't hold back with the truth

• But be sensitive about how you deliver it

• Gener, race, religion, sexual orientation...

• They don't help us win so we don't judge you on it

• Diversity makes us strong

• It's what you do that counts



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